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JSABuilder is an innovative and easy to use tool that enables managers, supervisors, foremen, task leaders and safety professionals to easily perform job safety analyses. By purchasing an annual subscription, you can create an unlimited number of JSAs. Starting as low as $49, users can be added to your subscription at significant discounts. See our Pricing page for additional details.

Your account also gives you access to charts and tables showing the hazards and controls you most commonly select, as well as those of our entire JSABuilder user community. To date our user community has created over 105720 JSAs, providing you a very robust set of data with which to better analyze your current safety programs, enabling you to implement more effective engineering and/or administrative controls, use the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and provide more targeted training.

Using JSABuilder is simple. Through easy-to-answer questions and lists of pre-programmed hazards and controls, you can quickly and easily conduct a job hazard analysis. A JSA Worksheet is created from this information which can be printed for your pre-job safety meetings and training sessions, and stored for future use.

JSABuilder is also a service that allows you and your users to store, manage and re-use your JSA knowledge, all from a central location. The format and content of JSAs can be customized to your organization, and the management and storage of JSAs adapted to meet your needs. You can customize your JSABuilder home page with your logo and your own safety message.

Your annual JSABuilder subscription gives you access to JSABuilder’s standard original JSA program, as well as JSABuilder’s AHA program. JSABuilder AHAs are formatted to match U.S. ACE EM 385-1-1. Users are able to switch back and forth between both formats for each analysis, allowing them to more specifically meet client needs. Click here to read more about JSABuilder’s AHA program.


Easy to use data entry screens – Quickly enter your data through an easy step-by-step process to create your Job Safety Analysis Worksheet:

  1. Worksheet Setup – Enter info such as job name, JSA identifier and types of hazards.
  2. General Information – Enter general info about this JSA such as location, analysis and job dates, and persons performing the job.
  3. Hazards and Consequences – Select from pre-programmed lists the physical, chemical, biological and radiological hazards that apply to your job. You can also add your own hazards. JSABuilder suggests consequences for your selected hazards, and allows you to edit as needed.>
  4. Hazard Controls – Choose from a pre-programmed selection of administrative and engineering controls, training, and personal protective equipment required for this job.
  5. Job Step Builder – Enter project steps (tasks) and select which hazards and controls apply to each step with the easy-to-use job step builder.

Pre-programmed information – JSABuilder provides pre-programmed hazards, consequences and controls in a “checkbox” format. JSABuilder also suggests typical consequences for the identified hazards, if requested by the user.

This pre-programmed information is intended to make JSA creation more efficient and more importantly, prompt thought and discussion by users. The checked boxes are displayed later in for use in completing your job task.

Ability to add – You can add your own hazards, consequences and controls. JSABuilder remembers and stores this information for use in other JSAs.

Chemical database – Select your chemical hazards from our CAMEO-based chemical database of commonly used chemicals and associated hazards. The CAMEO database was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in partnership with the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Job Step (Task) Builder Tool – The Job Step Builder tool enables you to easily identify the steps (tasks) required to conduct your job or activity. A list of job hazards and controls which you have already identified for this JSA are displayed, allowing you to select which ones apply to each step. Job steps can also be edited, deleted and rearranged.

Auto complete function – JSABuilder has an auto complete function, based on your previously filled-out JSAs. As text is entered, the auto complete function recognizes and offers to complete the text, helping to make your data entry process easier.

Photo Upload tool – JSABuilder allows users to upload a 1 MB sized photo to each job step in the "Recommended Safe Job Procedures," allowing users to further illustrate the specifics of a procedure, close-up details of a piece of machinery or anything else benefiting from visual reference.

View/download JSAs in PDF, DOC, or HTML format – Save your completed JSAs in convenient formats. View onscreen in HTML format or download, print and discuss in pre-job or tailgate safety meetings. Portrait or Landscape printing is allowed.


Manage your JSA library – JSAs are automatically stored in an easy-to-use table, and can be viewed, edited, deleted or copied. Create a folder structure and organize your JSA library in the way that works best for you and your organization. You might organize your JSAs by location, job function, project, department or any other naming structure that fits the needs of your organization.

JSA revision tracking – JSABuilder automatically tracks when and by whom each JSA was created and last modified so that you and your users always know which JSA is the most current.

Re-use JSAs or create templates – Easily create a new JSA from an existing one for a similar job. JSAs can be duplicated by using our "copy" feature. Once copied, you can use the "Modify JSA" feature to change the details for your new JSA. By using your previous JSAs for similar work, you can efficiently and effectively utilize your knowledge of hazards and controls, allowing you to spend more time communicating with your workers to prevent injuries and less time on paperwork.


User Management – Each account can have one or more administrators. Administrators are able to add and delete users and reset passwords. Administrators can also add a large number of users through our bulk import feature.

Customize your JSAs – From the Admin console, administrators can customize the format and content of the JSAs for your organization and industry. Pre-programmed hazards, consequences and controls that are not applicable to your organization can be hidden from view by your administrator. The administrator can also add customized hazards, consequences and controls, choose the format (landscape or portrait), and change the default title on the worksheet to more fully match your organization’s terminology (e.g., Job Hazard Analysis, Activity Hazard Analysis, etc.).

Personalize your account – Your JSABuilder account can be personalized and customized to your organization through the Admin console. A personalized message regarding your organization’s JSA process can be created and displayed on your home page, together with your logo and company colors. You will also be given your own URL (e.g., www.jsabuilder.com/your_organization).

Electronic review and approve - JSABuilder offers an electronic review and approve feature which your account administrator can turn "on" or "off." If designated "on," JSABuilder will set up electronic notification for review and approval of JSAs and AHAs created by users on your account.


As a JSABuilder user, you are given access to charts and tables showing the top physical, chemical, biological and radiological hazards and hazard controls selected by your organization, as well as access to the entire JSABuilder user community. This value-added service not only provides you with an overview of your hazards and controls, but also of the top hazards and controls selected in more than 105720 JSAs stored in JSABuilder. Access to this data enables you to better analyze your current safety programs, implement more effective engineering and/or administrative controls, use the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and provide more targeted training. As we continue to work towards providing more comprehensive analytical tools which will allow our users to make the best possible use of their stored electronic data, be looking for more developments, including industry-specific charts, and more control over your own data analysis.

Unlimited JSAs from only $67 per year for a single user account.