Deer Season

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It is deer season again, all across North America. Rutting, or breeding, season can extend from September through February, which means deer are likely to be more active now. In Washington State, “more than half of all deer/vehicle collisions occur in October and November,” (Washington State, Department of Fish and Wildlife). Deer are also likely to travel in groups, so if you see one preparing to cross the road, there will likely be others as well. Deer tend to live at the edge of suburban environments bordering nature lands and woods or water, and they tend to travel and dawn and dusk, typical commuter hours. “Deer can be seen crossing roadways at any time of day, but typically are most active and dawn and dusk,” former New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Comissioner Lisa P. Jackson, 9/24/08, motorist alert.

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Safety in numbers: meeting together with other EHS professionals

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According to the National Safety Council 2011 Edition Injury Facts publication, the average cost for all worker compensation claims in 2007 and 2008 was $34,377 (based on data provided by the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s [NCCI] Workers Compensation Statistical Plan [WCSP] database). Most of us have probably heard of the correlation between safety and savings. As a friend of JSABuilder, you are also already aware of the importance in conducting a safety analysis of each job – and each part of the job. Safety pays – not just in corporate financial savings, but in a safer, healthier workplace.

However, has your company seen a correlation yet between attendance at safety conferences and workplace safety? If a conference is outside of your budget, what about simply making a point of connecting with other safety professionals in your area, outside of your company? This quarter’s Stats write-up takes a look at safety conferences – and offers an invitation to come see us promote job safety analysis via JSABuilder at the 2011 NSC Expo.

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JSAB tip – use of new features

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The past few months, we have seen the roll out of some great new features by our JSABuilder programmers!

• JSA Access options (editing privileges) – Administrators can now control which users on the account have access to modify JSAs/AHAs: JSA creator only, creator and Admin, or everyone on the account (default). (Admin – Organizational Settings – JSA Access Options)
• Updates to the “deleted JSAs” folder – formerly any JSA/AHA deleted by a non-Admin user was sent to the Admin “deleted JSAs” folder for review (from whence it could be restored to the console, or permanently deleted); now ALL deleted JSAs – including those deleted by an Admin – are moved to the “deleted JSAs” folder fro review. (Admin – Deleted JSAs)
• Colored coded AHA matrix – by popular request, our programmers rolled out a color coded AHA matrix for the AHA format! In addition to a color coded matrix at the top of the finalized AHA, each job step’s risk ranking is also color coded.
• Logo page – JSABuilder is pleased to introduce our client logo page! Intended both to help credentialize JSABuilder with new prospective clients, and honor our current clients for their commitments to safety.

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