Cost Calculator
Number of JSABuilder Users:
Pricing Table
1st user $67
2nd - 50th user, each $49
51st - 100th additional user, each $30
101st - 500th additional user, each $20
Each user from 501-1000 $10
Each user 1001 and up $5

STARTING AT ONLY $67 your annual subscription to JSABuilder provides you with a full year access to all of the exceptional features that JSABuilder has to offer.

NEED MORE USERS? JSABuilder pricing is tiered. As users are added the price per user is discounted. See our Table and use our Cost Calculator to determine your annual subscription. For instance, say you need 51 user licenses. You pay $67 for the first user, $49 for the next 49, and $30 for the fifty-first user.

NEED FLEXIBILITY? JSABuilder has an affordable option to add users at any time during the year and pro-rate the cost based upon the start date of your annul subscription.

NEED HELP? Our team of experts is able to answer your questions. We can help you set up your Admin Controls and add new users, and help tailor your hazards, consequences, and controls to your organization. We can also set up training for your users that is both cost-effective and comprehensive. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us so that we can provide you with an estimate.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions about our pricing, JSABuilder in general or our services contact us.