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Want to know what our clients are saying? Take a look at some of the comments we have received from JSABuilder users:

Ease of use. Easy to adjust and maintain. Very well built system.Joey W
This is a great tool and is saving me untold time and money. Zane C
JSABuilder was effective in the construction of documents I needed for an ongoing job that started the next day, and the fact of being able to create custom JSA's 24/7 is a big plus.Dennis B
My first time ever utilizing something like this after 26 years as a safety professional. This is amazing and very helpful. Thanks so much!!Ralph B
Government forms and paperwork are hard enough to fill out, this made my job soooo much easier!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!Rosaelia E
This program is great. It allowed me to easily put together an AHA in a very short period. Very detailed and extremely user friendly.Jason D
Thanks! I believe this is just what I was looking for to help me design my JSA's. The steps are easy to follow and pretty straight forward....I will definitely recommend this JSA Builder to any Contractor. Donavan E
Program is definately worth the money spent. With the amount of time I save using it, I can pay for the fee many times over.April M
JSABuilder makes creating JSAs much easier and actually brings a few things to mind that you might not think of while creating a JSA in a hurry. Well worth the money.William H
This really makes the Job Hazard Analysis a pleasure to do instead of the normal hassle to complete.Roger A
This is a great tool. Now that I have gotten through the learning curve we all experience in using new software, I am an enthusiastic user. A must tool for anyone that has to develop JSAs. Richard J
I love this site, it's making my job so easy. Thanks.Bennett M
Excellent tool for JSA, gives a ready reckoner of all hazards and quick to develop.Shri M
The JSA Builder is a very useful program. Having being tasked with creating AHA and JSA for a construction project site, it has greatly reduced the amount of time in the office preparing required reports and allowing more time in the field. Christopher G
A very thorough tool that takes virtually all potential hazards into account.Kurt W
I love JSA builder. Some jobs are not task specific and I have found it easier lately to address those jobs with JSA builder. Thanks for the good product. I will continue to use this valuable asset.Craig R
This was extremely intuitive and easy to use for a person new to this type of form.William A
The tool you are providing us with is just professionally useful and effective. I as a safety professional appreciate your efforts and endevours to make HSE management more effective and applicable.Chakib R
Its a great tool. In fact this JSA will be very helpful to a doctor and show the procedure and physical requirments to do any job. I also think the picture upload is fantastic.Jeff C
AWESOME TOOL I enjoy working with it as it is so easy to customize to a specific job and workplace.Ken L
Once again JSA builder has superseded my expectations.Charles H
This is my first time having to build a JSA and it was extremely easy to setup with step-by-step directions for use and creation of a JSA. I will definately be using JSA Builder again in the near future.James P
I love the ability to go back in and edit. A life saver!Robert B
This made the JSA much easier than I anticipated! Thanks!Brenda C
The JSABuilder is very easy to use and allows one to fully identify safety concerns and allows one to develop the procedures to work safely after the concerns are listed.Dan B
This was a HUGE help!!! We just started a job for he Army Corp and this was the first time I ever had to fill out a JSA... this was so helpful!Traci G
I love this more every time I use it. Edits are very easy to accomplish.Michael F
This is by for one of the easiest JSA programs I have used yet. A+++++++ JSA Builder!Scott L
This is my first time using the JSA builder. I found it easy to set up and quite through in options offered. A really good and useful product.Stephen K
Very easy to use - simple layout. Flexible enough for our needs. A very well designed program.Dan T
So Far I am very impressed, this is what I was looking for to build a JSA library for our maintaince dept.Matt K
I like the new training section. It offers choices of diferent training topics.Duncan M
JSABuilder is a very thorough tool. It targets a great deal of the industry we are working in.Douglas C
JSA Builder exceeded my expectations. I completed the JSA in a quarter of the time. Jacob V
I appreciate the administrative control page. It is very helpful.Dennis K
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