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Confined Space Awareness Training
This OSHA Online Confined Space Awareness Training course is designed to be used as part of a Confined Space Program for all employees who work around confined spaces.
OSHA Hearing Conservation Training
This OSHA Hearing Conservation Training course is designed to be used as part of a hearing conservation program for all employees who are exposed to hazardous noise on the job.
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HASP Online Training

JSABuilder is proud to offer more than 45 OSHA safety, EMT, EMS, laboratory, and human resource training courses through our HASP Online Training system. HASP Online Training is a web-based system for professionals and workers at hazardous waste operations (HAZWOPER), in the construction industry, at laboratories and in the emergency response field across the nation. Providing safety training courses since 1993, our content experts have developed an affordable, fully compliant alternative to traditional classroom based training. Documentation of our training is provided by Certificates of Completion.

OSHA Compliant

HASP Online’s training complies with OSHA and DOT regulatory compliance training requirements. Our training programs are specifically designed to comply with OSHA's HAZWOPER regulation (29 CFR 1910 1926), bloodborne pathogens (CFR 1904) and DOT (various requirements). Courses are continually updated as new laws and regulations take effect.

Training on your own time, at your own pace

Convenient and flexible, HASP Online Training enables you to complete your safety training online at any time of day from any computer with internet access. HASP Online Training is cumulative and does not expire, allowing you to proceed at your own pace, taking needed breaks or handling lengthy interruptions, confidently knowing your latest entries have been saved and that you can pick up again right where you left off. This kind of flexibility also means that you can begin your training on your work computer on Friday and finish at home on Saturday on your personal laptop. This also means you never have to worry about cancellations – simply start or finish your training when you have the time.

Manageable for Administrators

HASP Online Training also offers corporate accounts for its online safety training programs, providing Administrators with easy access to employee safety records, and making administration both manageable and convenient.

Money back guarantee

Complete with a full satisfaction, money back guarantee, HASP Online Training web-based safety system is a smart, efficient way for you and your colleagues to receive thorough training and maintain OSHA compliance. Try it – we know you’ll like it!

Our commitment

HASP Online Training is just one more way we are looking to serve the EH&S and emergency response community, as we look to become your number one resource for environment, health, safety and training.

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