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Create JSAs for onshore and offshore E&P operations

JSABuilder is your solution to creating, storing and managing all of your JSAs online. Our technology is easy to use and can be customized to meet your needs, enabling you to create orderly, legible, easily identifiable JSAs. Our multiple user feature allows your company to view and share JSAs online - from the oil platform to the business office two continents away. JSAs created using JSABuilder can be printed, signed by developers and supervisors, and shared in pre-job and tailgate safety meetings. Hard copies of the JSAs can be stored at the work site for agency inspectors, and electronic copies can be stored on company servers for easy retrieval at any time. JSAs are also stored on the JSABuilder website, and can be retrieved at a moment´s notice from any location with internet access.

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A job safety analysis (JSA) is an effective technique to identify and eliminate or control hazards of work performed at onshore and offshore E&P operations. Recognized by OSHA as an "effective means of helping reduce incidents, accidents, and injuries in the workplace," JSAs are now required for offshore operations governed by SEMs (30 CFR 250.1911 (b)), and for those companies participating in OHSA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). JSAs, which can be used even when a work permit is not required, should be prepared with input from supervisors and workers, signed as appropriate, reviewed often and updated as necessary. JSAs can serve as an effective communication tool, and since they involve everyone performing the job, can aid in training new workers to implement safe work practices. JSAs can also be used to focus your overall training and develop better hazard controls, and can be invaluable in accident and incident investigations.

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Helps you prepare JSAs (operations/task level) for your onshore and offshore activities.

Provides you with a list of pre-programmed workplace hazards and mitigation controls.

Enables you to create the steps in performing a specific job.

Allows you to identify hazards with each step.

Enables you to identify recommended action(s) or procedure(s) to eliminate or reduce these hazards.

Stores your JSAs in a central location accessible to anyone in your company with access to the internet. JSABuilder allows you to designate how you label and store your JSAs, so that you can quickly locate and retrieve them at any time!

Allows you to copy and edit an existing JSA.

Allows you to print JSAs for the job site employees. Printed JSAs can be signed by the developer, supervisor and workers, and stored on site.

Allows you to store JSAs on job site computers.

Enables supervisors to electronically approve the JSA, prior to the commencement of the work.

Allows you to create as many JSAs as you want.

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